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Your Creator Mindset

Last night while I was singing at a gig, it dawned on me how important to me the duality of my life was, and how my experience as a musician and performer accelerate my growth in life and business ten-fold.

For so long I kept (and was even told to) the 2 parts and personalities away from each other, as if they were opposing or detrimental to one another.

Roxy the music artist.

Roxy the business woman.

I would walk into interviews and not acknowledge my huge success in music as if I was ashamed or that it did not belong in the office world. I literally would play this double life out.

But I’ve come to realise something very powerful, that has changed the way I navigate my world.


Creativity is your ability to CREATE.

To activate your Creator Mindset and power.

But we often limit our creating to things like art, music, craft.

Imagine you could hone in that power to create opportunity, moments, dreams, money….. You get me?? 🤔

The short answer is YOU CAN.

Life needs creation, life thrives in creativity and every successful person in the world has found their creative mindset. Every successful business has focused on its creativity.

So why are we all pretending that it hurts us professionally to embrace and develop the creative parts in us??

My business, my relationships, my wealth and my health grows because I AM CREATIVE.

And this beautiful duality in my personality is why I will continue to thrive.

And so THIS is one of the most prevalent themes in my coaching.

My program ‘THE 12’ focuses so heavily on ACTIVATING your Creator Mindset. (We all have this but it needs to be awakened in some)

And allowing you to find and develop theses elements in your personality, and use them to DESIGN the life and business you want.

It👏 is👏EPIC👏

And starts in June. So if you are ready for this.

Let me know.


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