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Self care and relationships.

Success and happiness start from inside of you. These programs offer support as you take a journey of personal development and evolution. Allow yourself to be challenged and learn how to grow and change. Fix you and your relationships and how you react and interact with those around you.
Take control of your life... 

Below is a list of programs and modules I offer.  My group programs are a guide to building better relationships with yourself, the people around you and the world you exist in  by learning some principles and new life and navigation skills.

For those who need some extra support, I offer 3 & 5 and 7 month 1 on 1 coaching packages to work with you to develop and implement skills that are personalised for you and your needs.

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Group program


  • The ultimate workshop on boundaries, selfworth and self care and how it all affects your life.

  • Effective boundary setting

  • Clearing space for growth and expansion

Group program

THE 12

  • Be fully supported for a year of transformation

  • Aligned personal and professional growth

  • Startt, scale or pivot your business

  • Design harmonious balance in life

  • Earn while you learn

Group Program


  • Emotional Self-mastery

  • Healing

  • Stress release

  • Expression

  • Manifestation

Through music and singing for everyone.​

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I offer 3. 5 and 7 month one on one packages for those of you who need more individualised and targeted support.

My one one one coaching is fully customisable and by application only. 

I only work a small amount of one on one clients at any given time so I can ensure my clients are getting the best of me and make great progress.

If you are interested in hearing more about my one on one coaching please send me a message here and we can set up a free call.

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