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Limited Spots

The biggest barrier of entry I'm finding for small business owners, starters and scalers is getting access to professional guidance and training at an affordable price.
So I've created a program where you can get access to super affordable live coaching for as little as $11 p/w
Select the level of support that suits you and let's get started!

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Work to your level and budget with our pricing plans

The Next Step goes live once a week to learn about how to get your business going, get more sales, work through obstacles that stand in the way of your growth, work smarter not harder for more time freedom and give guidance on the way forward. You'll also be able to interact live and have your specific questions answered. This is an earn while you learn program with limited spots so jump in today!

Live sessions are currently scheduled for 8p AEST Every Wednesday

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The Next Step is a program aimed at giving you direction for starting, maintaining and growing your business efficiently.  90%of small business owners waste A LOT of time and money on strategies, ideas and activities that aren't relevant or simply don't work for them. 
In our program, we teach you to refine, design and create your ideas, we explore the best tools and strategies to maximize your effects and keep you in check with your dream business so that it doesn't outgrow you, or you don't outgrow it.
If you are wanting to make the leap from Employee to Entrepreneur, or if you have made the leap and need guidance, support and a huge boost in energy and sales,  TNS is for you.  You'll also never feel alone as you will be running alongside like-minded ambitious women propping each other up whilst creating
Life & Business by Design.

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The Next Step: Video
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