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THE 12

A 12 Month Aligned Personal & Business Growth Experience

Be supported for 12 months of aligned personal and professional transformation.
My signature program aims to help you take the reigns on your life and achieve growth in all areas.
It is a Learn and Earn hybrid program where you will achieve growth and success as you implement and create through the year.
Registrations are open for June intake and places are limited.
Book a call to see if this is the right program for you.

The 12: About


THE 12

REAL TRANSFORMATION doesn't happen overnight.

Or even in a week, month….

I mean how many times have you signed up for a program, been completely vibed up and motivated and then….Nothing??

The energy fades because it is not supported. YOU are not supported through the ACTUAL transformation part.

This was the story of my life.

Being super excited about something,

starting strong and then giving up because I felt isolated, discouraged and without the guidance I needed.

And I'm not just talking about business.

This behaviour spilled across all areas of my life: My relationships, my health, my career, my creative projects.

This is why I created THE 12.

Imagine a dual personal and professional development experience where you spend 12 months being fully supported to transform YOU.

Your personal growth AND your professional growth.

Grow as a person, whilst you create your dream career, business or passion project….

Are you excited yet?

LEARN AND EARN at the same time, because we all know that more money facilitates more options.

TAKE BACK CONTROL over your time and energy and build resilient and impactful business or projects.

Make it pandemic/lockdown proof so you NEVER FEEL STUCK.

DEAL WITH THE STUFF that has been holding you back from being the person you actually want to be and the life you actually want to live.

STOP SABOTAGING YOURSELF from success and happiness.

FIX YOUR RELATIONSHIP with yourself and others.

And DROP THE THINGS and people that are toxic for your health and wellbeing. (yeh drop that MOFO!)

AND NEVER FEEL ALONE on this journey because you get to grow alongside others who have also chosen to create something better for themselves.

THE 12 - A commitment to a year of growth, shifts and transformation.

To create aligned personal and professional development.

Where you get to redesign your life and business.

Presented by me and some awesome guest mentors along the way... --Roxy Xx

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