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30 day Program starts 22 Oct 21
Early Bird Price $397

This will be a huge voice and presence activation for anyone who needs it, to carry into life, business and relationships.
30 days of removing blocks that silence your heart. Of releasing communication trauma and bringing back life to your inner message.
If you have ever struggled with your ability to be seen and heard, I'm inviting you to join me
to unlock yourself and be fully expressed.

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this awesome 30 day program aimed at clearing communication and connection blocks that are limiting your ability to get what you want out of life and business.

This is for you if you :

  • Are scared to voice your opinions and thoughts

  • Struggle with boundaries

  • Worry about what everyone else thinks of you

  • Have "Imposter syndrome"

  • Feel like you are operating on 'autopilot'

  • Trauma around speaking up

  • Shy in a public forum

  • Are constantly second guessing what you should say or do.

  • Find it hard to stand up for yourself

  • Have no idea what your own opinion ACTUALLY is

  • Cringe every time you see your self on camera

  • Have a fear of being seen

  • Think that you are 'too much' or 'too little' something, to achieve success and growth in areas of your life.

  • Need to feel more present in life.

IT'S TIME to move past these beliefs and behaviours and become connected and confident with a fully expressed YOU.

Registrations now open. Early bird price of $397 won't last long.

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